4 Practical Tips for a Good Looking Bedroom

As far as bedroom re-decoration is concerned, there exists a list of ideas which can be executed. You can change the setting or just bring in new furniture item, all of these steps can give your room the major upgrade. The only thing which must be kept in mind is that whatever change you decide to bring in should be according to your space dimensions and  should make your room look more trendy rather then vintage. In case you are looking for some ideas that will instantly glamorize your bedrooms, then you can give the following a try:

1. The New Wallpaper

Want the instant boom? roll out the wallpaper. Covering the bed wall with a classic and even bold-printed wallpaper can really uplift the whole look. Shades of Golden, silver and even vintage patterned ones can give the room a royal look. Likewise, you can introduce new patterns and themes matching the wallpaper in your room as well. And Voila! A easy on-budget new look for your bedroom.

2. The trendy furniture

If you are a fan of the plain and a neutral looking room, then you can always settle for some bold one-piece furniture. Just to balance of the appearance and taking the “bore” factor out, you can introduced a cheetah printed one seater or perhaps a zebra print saucer chair, and arrange it in a corner. You can also accessorize that corner with some bold flowers or antique pieces. This will make your bedroom a major trend setter.

3. The Mirror Effect

bedroom mirror

Who doesn’t like taking a long look in the mirror. This idea is best for the small rooms. Either you can introduce in a mirrored dresser, or mirrored side tables or just install long mirrors on your cupboards. This would instantly widen up your room area and you will get the perfect glamour effect too.

4. Frames and pictures

While too many frames can suffocate your room, the best way to utilize painting and frames is to place them on the bed side wall. When you place the frames on the opposite wall, not only does the whole place look scattered by it seems to suffocate the whole bedroom. The bed side wall on the other hand, gives depth to the room’s look. Another important thing to keep in mind is the color of the frames. If you choose dark shaded frames, keep the rest of the room light and neutral.