When it comes to choosing the perfect place to live, we all have our set of requirements jotted down. While most of us tend to treat our single family status with a average attitude, if you have always wished to lived the high-life, then 29 Oak Mountain Ct is your ideal place. With similarity to the standard houses, this piece of art is sure to add in a little more glamour and marvel to your standard of living. To make it easy for you decide, here is a detail of what to expect from this house:

The Lucas Valley Neighborhood

Notoriously known for it’s little but worthy population, the Lucas Valley neighborhood is anything but your normal neighborhood. Located in the heart of California, this valley is one dime and safe locality to be in. The neighborhood possesses serenity and a sense of being truly special.

Surrounding Educational Institutions

The 29 Oak Mountain Ct comes with the best of institutions nearby, such as The Dixie Elementary School, The Miller Creek Middle School and Terra Linda High School, which ensure not only a better present but a even brighter future for your young ones.

Modernist styled Eichler Home

Known as the famous “Eichler Home”, the house reflects the beauty and uniqueness of the Eichler design and the integrity and daring nature of the builder behind it. The Eichler tag also comes with its own mark of quality and uniqueness which can be easily witnessed on the property itself.

eichler design

Luxurious 4 Master Bedrooms

Experience the luxury of hotel suites in the comfort of the extravagant master beds, with subdued-tone painted walls, intricate ceiling, stylish furniture combined with the most luxurious bed linings. While the rich interior is sure to capture your attention, the layers of comfortable linen and special hotel pillows will give the comfort you have always wished for.

master bedroom

Fully functional and master designed 3 bathrooms

With the most durable of hardware and sleek design, the 3 master bathrooms will become the den of peace and serenity. With Japanese soaking tubs and stand-in showers installed in every bathroom, the decor is finished with high-end marble flooring.


Extravagant Cement and Bamboo Wooden Flooring

The bamboo flooring adds in the much needed chic, classic look to the whole house while being relatively easier to maintain. Durable, stylish, the bamboo panels have been installed while keeping the eco-friendly nature in mind. With different cement variations, the flooring is an artwork to see.

wooden flooring

Spacious dining room unit with separate lounge, den and even center atrium

A timeless enclosed dining room, with dark floor and separation from lounge, followed with a extravagant den and center atrium is what the house offers as its formal setting. The whole unit is a work of art and can be re-decorated according to preferences easily. Along with this unit comes the fully functional, multi-purpose open kitchen with state-of-the-art appliance installed and ready to be used.

Dining room

Luscious, green and refreshing botanical gardens

With a spacious 0.31 acre comes the lush greenery surrounding it.The refreshing botanicals are a sight of heaven and provide a revitalizing zone.


Wide and fully protected separate garage unit

With all the fanciness comes a safe, wide and fully-secured separate garage unit which ensure 100% automobile protection.